One Week Left!

It’s almost here!

Time for some guest updates:
Unfortunately, Todd Rogers has canceled his appearance due to family medical issues. We wish him and his family the best.

On the positive side, we have some industry guests to announce:

Miguel Oubina

Miguel is responsible for all aspects of educating IGDA South FL members and students character creation for the IGDA Unreal Engine 3
Worldwide Level Design Contest using 3D Studio max in a classroom setting. Miguel graduated with a BA from Florida Atlantic Univeristy’s
Computer Arts Program. While working towards his degree he also worked for Navteq’s Mapper division. While at Mapper he was responsible
for creating 3D buildings & textures for use with Navteq’s realtime 3D GPS systems. From college he went on to found Nuclei, Inc. which has
worked with several clients, including HGTV. He also teaches game design at Miami Dade College.

Derek Smart

Derek first appeared in the gaming industry in 1992 when Computer Games & Strategy Plus (now Computer Games Mag) previewed his first
game, Battlecruiser 3000AD (a.k.a BC3K), which he started developing in the late 1980’s in Europe. BC3K went on to become the de-facto
standard for niche space games. Over the years, he has been a prominent industry player & regarded as one of the quintessential indie
developers. Derek & his games have been featured in many print & online publications, including Computer Gaming World which wrote an
in-depth profile in issue #201 (April 2001). His solely owned company, 3000AD, Inc, has developed 12 PC games based on his industry
recognized Battlecruiser & Universal Combat brands. He is currently on the board of his local South FL chapter of the International Game
Developers Association.

Daniel Ruke

Daniel is a creative illustrator, designer, artist & businessman who transforms visions into reality offering clients the best results and highest
quality service. After graduating from Ringling School of Art & Design, he worked as an Art Director for several of the largest advertising
agencies in Tampa & for a major Florida printer. Daniel opened Blink, a non-traditional agency in 1998, offering employees the freedom to
create revolutionary work while making his clients successful. Daniel’s drive & passion keep Blink on the forefront of art & communication. If
you ask him, he will tell you, “Work is not my life. I live my work.” The word “ordinary” is not in Daniel’s vocabulary. Everything he touches &
everything that comes out of Blink is extraordinary.

Neill Glancy

Neill has shipped over twenty games spanning five console generations, from the Sinclair Spectrum to the Playstation 3. In his twenty-three
years creating games, Neill has played the part of artist, animator, sound designer, game designer, project director and creative director. Most
recently he was the lead designer on John Woo Presents Stranglehold at Midway Games. Neill has been a speaker at GDC and the Milan
International Film festival. Neill is currently a Game Director at Disney’s Junction Point Studios in Austin, Texas.

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