BioShock 2 devs prepared for fan backlash

We’ve been chatting with 2K Marin ahead of BioShock 2‘s imminent release. With some big shoes to fill and a number of fans convinced that BioShock 2 should not have been made, we asked creative director Jordan Thomas how the studio is preparing for fan backlash, and how it regards the daunting task of following the original BioShock.  “Well, […]

Review: BioShock 2

When BioShock launched in 2007, it felt like a breath of fresh air to many gamers. A brand-new IP with a fantastic story and an interesting sandbox-style approach to combat within a linear format, it was a damn fine game. Superb, even. So good, in fact, that many considered a sequel completely unnecessary.  Whether or not BioShock 2 is […]

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